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                                                                Mediating Post Adoption Issues


Seeking mediation services to address post adoption disputes is not appropriate for all adoption cases. However, the process can assist biological parents and adoptive parents in determining the ground rules regarding starting or maintaining communication after the finalization of an adoption.

The decision to participate in post adoption mediation is independent of how the biological parental relationship ended. If the adoptive parents agree, it may be appropriate to seek post adoption mediation even after a biological parent’s rights are terminated.

​The purpose of this mediation process is to assist in meeting the long-term best interest of the child and is not meant to be used as a part of the negotiations involved in the legal resolution of a biological parent’s rights.

The goals of the mediation include:

*Facilitating the communication between the biological and adoptive parents by creating an

 environment that gives each participant an appropriate time to speak. 

*Encouraging participants to restate or explain their point when necessary.

*Creating an opportunity for questions to make communication clear.

*Identifying alternatives for solving issues.

*Developing a consensus written agreement.

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