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                                                                     Mediating Couples' Issues


At the beginning of relationships, most couples are accommodating and rarely notice any perceived flaws in each other. As the relationship grows, they generally become more expressive, and sometimes it can bring conflict.

Most common relationship problems can be appropriately addressed through mediation, especially when the couple involves a mediator who is trained to be neutral in the process of addressing their concerns.

​Some couples may feel that they are experiencing things that are impossible to resolve. They don't realize that they are going through some common relationship problems that requires time and patience to address their desired outcome.

At Consensus Mediation Services of Central Georgia, LLC, we are fully committed to creating a mediation environment that supports couples' goal of finding  ways to come to an agreed upon plan of action as quickly as possible.

Resolving relationship problems requires keenness and creating a bias-free platform. When it comes to helping couples through their disputes, we follow specific mediation steps that are proven to be helpful in addressing relationship concerns.

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