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                                                               Mediating Special Education Issues 

​Special Education mediation can be a tool that can foster an informal process that explores creative and flexible solutions between parents, special education supporters and schools. General, using mediation is more cooperative and less adversarial than other formal dispute resolution options.

Our Special Education Mediation services includes a process that is confidential and promotes respectful and constructive communication between the family, the school staff and/or other assigned supporters.

Special Education issues can include conflicts regarding the identification, evaluation, and educational placement of students; free appropriate public education of students with disabilities; communication issues between the participants; conflictual relationships between the family and the school; trust issues between the family and the school; etc.

Our role is to give each participant an opportunity to identify their concerns. From their discussion, a list of issues is developed and addressed. When an agreed upon solution is found that is satisfactory to all parties, an agreement is written and implemented.

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